Permits, Applications, & Inspections

Welcome to the Permits, Applications, & Inspections page for the Town of Clayton. Below are all of the permits and applications for our Engineering, Inspections, and Planning Departments. For general assistance contact the Town of Clayton at 919-553-5002, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays. To request an inspection, call the Inspection Request line, 919-359-8717, before 4:00 p.m. the day before the inspection is needed.

For department specific information such as specific submittal instructions, timelines, and fees visit:

  1. Planning
  2. Inspections
  3. Engineering

Planning Department Permits & Applications

  1. Administrative Amendment (PDF)
  2. Administrative Appeal (PDF)
  3. Annexation (Corporate) (PDF)
  4. Annexation (Individual) (PDF)
  5. Annexation (LLC) (PDF)
  6. Annexation (Partnership) (PDF)
  7. Annexation Application PDF
  8. Cell Tower Application (New or Modifications) (PDF)
  9. Conditional Zoning (PDF)
  10. Conditional Zoning with Master Plan (PDF)
  11. Downtown Facade Improvement Grant (PDF)
  12. Neighborhood Meeting Information (PDF)
  13. Ordinance Amendment Application (PDF)
  14. Owner's Consent Form (PDF)
  15. Planning Approval Stamp
  16. Rezoning (PDF)
  17. Road Name Approval (PDF)
  18. Signs - Alternative Sign Plan Application (PDF)
  19. Signs - Permanent Sign Permit (PDF)
  20. Site Plan Application (PDF)
  21. Site Plan Application (PDF)
  22. Site_Subdivision_Construction Drawing Application 2022-23
  23. Site_Subdivision_Construction Drawing Application PDF
  24. Small Cell Application (PDF)
  25. Special Use Permit (PDF)
  26. Special Use Permit (PDF)
  27. Street Name Change Petition Application (PDF)
  28. Subdivision - Final Plat, Minor Subdivision Plat
  29. Subdivision - Final Plat, Minor Subdivision Plat (PDF)
  30. Subdivision - Final Plat, Minor Subdivision Plat (PDF)
  31. Subdivision - Major Subdivision (Preliminary Subdivision) (PDF)
  32. Subdivision - Major Subdivision (Preliminary Subdivision) (PDF)
  33. Subdivision - Master Plan Phase Minor (PDF)
  34. Subdivision - Master Plan Phase Minor (PDF)
  35. Subdivision - Recombination Plat or Exempt Plat (PDF)
  36. Subdivision - Recombination Plat or Exempt Plat (PDF)
  37. Temporary Sign Permit (PDF)
  38. Temporary Use Permit (PDF)
  39. Temporary-Use-Permit-PDF
  40. Tree Clearing Certificate (PDF)
  41. Variance (PDF)
  42. Wastewater Allocation Policy and Request Form (PDF)
  43. Zoning Compliance (PDF)
  44. Zoning Compliance Permit-PDF
  45. Zoning Verification Letter Request (PDF)
  46. Zoning-Compliance Permit-PDF