Comprehensive Growth Plan 2045


Clayton Comprehensive Growth Plan 2045Clayton is growing. Our population increased 277% from 2000 to 2020. According to capital-area planners, that growth will continue, and the Town could double in size in the next 30 years. The Town must plan for future growth or risk missing opportunities and losing what the community loves about Clayton.

The vision for the Town of Clayton includes a thriving town where growth contributes to the quality of life enjoyed by long-time residents and newcomers alike; easy access but with an atmosphere that feels smaller than it is; a system of parks and greenways that connect people and places; neighborhoods with a variety of quality living options; a town that offers opportunities for people to live, create, shop and eat; a bustling and historic downtown, and businesses that are successful, growing, and investing in the community.

Growth Plan

The Comprehensive Growth Plan (PDF) advances the ideas described in the Vision. It is organized by themes that expand on the vision and provide specific goals, objectives and strategies necessary to facilitate implementation. With this plan the Town can better set goals and make recommendations for addressing growth in Clayton.

Important Considerations

When developing the Comprehensive Growth Plan, it is important to consider:

  • What steps can the Town take to ensure quality development?
  • How will growth impact the region's resources?
  • Can the existing systems of infrastructure support additional people, housing, jobs, school children and cars?

Additional Resources


For questions regarding the Comprehensive Growth Plan Steering Committee or this process, please email the Planning Department.