Patrol Division

The Clayton Police Department's Patrol Division consists of four patrol squads that are responsible for the prevention and suppression of crime. This division consists of sworn officers who answer calls for service through the Johnston County Emergency Center (911). They also conduct self-initiated activity.

The responsibilities of the Patrol Division include:

  • Preservation of public peace, protection of life and property, and crime prevention.
  • Preliminary investigation of all crimes.
  • Continuing criminal investigations in other specified crimes.
  • Enforcement of laws and investigation of incidents relating to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, including motor vehicle collision investigation and traffic enforcement activities.
  • Interacting with the residential and business communities.

K9K9 Dog

The CPD K9 is a team of highly trained handlers and their K9 partners. 

Our K9 officers patrol Clayton in specially marked police vehicles. Along with their general patrol duties, our K-9 teams are trained to provide building searches; evidence and suspect searches; suspect tracking; and narcotics detection. K-9 Officers also serve a community education and outreach role by making public appearances with community groups.