Clayton Utility Tracker


The Town of Clayton is proud to offer its customers a powerful tool to keep track of their utility usage in real-time. Here's what you can do with the Utility Tracker:

  • Monitor your water and electric consumption
  • View your usage in real-time on any device
  • Receive alerts if your consumption exceeds normal levels
  • Detect leaks and malfunctions in no time
  • Plan and budget your utility costs effectively

To activate your tracker, simply click here, select set up new account and enter your:

  • account number
  • street address number
  • email address associated with your account

If you need help, check out our online tracker tutorial. 

If you've already activated your tracker, log in here: Clayton Utility Tracker 

Remember, the Utility Tracker is a free tool provided by the Town for all current customers. Keep an eye on your usage and stay in control of your utility costs with the Utility Tracker.

The Benefits of Using the Clayton Utility Tracker

If you're looking for a reliable way to keep track of your utility bills and usage, our Town's utility tracker is the perfect solution. Here are some of the key benefits of using our tool:

Our utility tracker is user-friendly, meaning you don't need any special technical skills to operate it. Simply enter your details, and you're good to go.