4th Annual Sculpture Trail

Jordan Parah's "Fly Me To The Moon" won the People's Choice for 2016 to 2017 Clayton Sculpture Trail!

Jordan Parah receives the Peoples Choice prize from Mayor Jody McLeodFly Me To The Moon

Big, Bright and Colorful: Our 4th Annual Clayton Sculpture Trail makes a bold statement!

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For the 2016-2017 year, we had 11 big, bright and colorful statues that make a bold statement throughout Clayton.

This trail emphasized the abstract, with many of the pieces using form to convey complex messages about life, movement and our place in the universe. Those looking for something a little more down-to-earth will find a whimsical take on a lake, complete with a happy little duck, and a fun piece at The Clayton Center that incorporates a mirror.

As in years past, the sculptures adorn our public squares, roundabouts, library, town hall and the Clayton Community Center. We've also added two new stops this year - one in the roundabout at Spring Branch Medical Park, and another facing Second Street at The Clayton Center.

Here's a list of the sculptures featured on this year's trail and their locations. Learn more - and watch a video - about each work and the artist who created it.

  • "Last Dance" by Hanna Jubran at Town Square (West)
  • "In Motion" by Hanna Jubran at Town Square (East)
  • "Harlequin" by Christian Vagn Hansen at The Clayton Center (West)
  • "Farmstead" by Rudy Rudisill at The Clayton Center (North)
  • "Fly Me To The Moon" by Jordan Parah at Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library
  • "Bare Bones" by Christian Vagn Hansen at Horne Square (West)
  • "Harmonious Balance" by Jordan Parah at Horne Square (Center)
  • "Oasis" by Cathy Perry at Horne Square (East)
  • "Life" by Adam Walls at the Front Street Roundabout
  • "In Motion 3" by Hanna Jubran at the Clayton Community Center
  • "Tree" by Adam Walls at the Spring Branch Medical Park Roundabout

Each sculpture is accompanied by a plaque recognizing the artist. On the plaques you'll find QR codes, which you can scan with your smartphone to watch a video and learn more about each piece and its artist right there as you stand in front of the sculpture!

The Public Art Advisory Board's selection committee for this year's trail was comprised of local artists, business owners and Town staff. The team included Jason Hardy, vice president of First Citizens Bank and chairman of the Public Art Advisory Board; Clark Hipolito, local artist and co-owner of Wine on Main; Ruth Anderson, downtown resident and business owner; Charlie Bell, president of Studio TK; Jill Hunt, member of Clayton Visual Arts and owner of Thistlebird Art Studio; and Kaitlin Russo, Downtown Development Coordinator for the Town of Clayton.

"This is a project that we absolutely love. It brings a lot of beauty and conversation to Downtown Clayton," Jason Hardy, chairman of the Public Art Advisory Board, said in a presentation to the Clayton Town Council. "The theme that the committee really wanted to stick to was size, above all, and also really vibrant color."

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Grannis thanked the Public Art Advisory Board for everything its members do to enhance the quality of life in Clayton. "What you folks do every year makes a tremendous difference in our community," he said.

Projects like the Clayton Sculpture Trail are part of what makes Clayton special, Councilman Jason Thompson said. "Our visual arts projects in Clayton truly set us aside from other towns," he said. "It makes us unique, and it makes us better."

For lending us their work, the artists receive a $1,000 honorarium for each sculpture on display for the coming year. In addition, each artist will be eligible to compete in a People's Choice vote, in which the public selects the winner of an additional $1,000 award. We also proudly feature the artists' work on brochures that are distributed to businesses and organizations throughout the area.

Want to have a say about public art in Clayton? Here is an application to join the Public Art Advisory Board, a dedicated volunteers responsible for the Clayton Sculpture Trail and the colored fish that adorn Sam's Branch Greenway.

You can find more information about arts and events in Downtown Clayton here.

Check out your favorite sculptures from years past, including the ultra-popular Fiddle Frog!