Leaves & Limbs


Loose Leaf Season: October 1 - January 31

Please note that loose leaf pickup services will take place on the business day that follows your regular trash pickup day. During the peak season, when there is an excess of wet leaves, there may be a delay in leaf pickup services.

When All Star collects your leaf waste, please make sure to follow the guidelines listed below: 

  • All yard waste piles must be no larger than 6’L x 6’W x 3’H. If you have existing piles that are larger than this, they must be broken up into smaller piles before they can be picked up.
  • Larger tree limbs must be cut in 2-foot lengths or less with no piece weighing over 40 pounds.
  • Commercial tree cutting work is not eligible for pick up. The company doing the work must remove this type of debris.

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Maintain Clean Streets

To prevent any traffic hazards, ensure that leaves and other debris are free from rocks and stored away from the street and drainage ditches. This will prevent these areas from clogging and causing issues.

Limb Debris Collection

Unlike leaf collection, limbs are not picked up by a machine, they are manually picked up by the All Star employee.

To ensure efficient removal of debris, please follow these guidelines:

  • Limbs should be no wider than 4 inches in diameter and no longer than 6 feet.
  • If limbs are wider than 4 inches in diameter, cut them into 2-foot segments.
  • The debris pile should be no larger than 6 feet wide and 3 feet high.
  • If you have multiple piles, each should follow the 6x6x3 rule (approximately 4 cubic yards).
  • Keep the debris untangled, neat, and easily accessible.

Please ensure that the limbs you wish to be collected abide by the prescribed dimensions. Failure to comply will result in a notice from All Star. In the event of non-compliance, your pile will not be collected, and a fee may be charged. Once you bring your pile into compliance, it will be picked up the following week.

Require Additional Space? All Star has the solution:

  • Purchase a brown 95-gallon “Yard Waste Only” cart for $70
  • Receive weekly servicing of all containers at no extra cost

For more information, contact All Star at 919-989-1562 via call or text.