to the website for the Town of Clayton Procurement Division of the Finance Department.  Our goal is to be good stewards of the Town by keeping the citizens informed on the purpose of the Procurement Division along with current bids and surplus property for sale. 


The mission of the Procurement Division is to obtain the necessary goods, apparatus, services and construction for all town departments, in a cost effective, efficient and timely manner.  A goal of the procurement division is to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all merchants and vendors involved in public procurement and to provide safeguards for maintaining a procurement system of quality, transparency and integrity.  Clayton maintains an open-door policy for all potential bidders and encourages the participation of minority and women businesses in the procurement process.

About Us:

The Procurement Division provides service to all Town of Clayton Departments by planning, organizing, and directing the activities of procurement. The Town of Clayton’s procurement processes are governed by Federal law, North Carolina General Statutes as well as locally established procurement policies and procedures.