What is Load Management?

Load Management is an energy-saving program that temporarily reduces the energy consumption in your home during peak load periods. We start by installing a small device at your residence and connect it to your air conditioner, water heater, heat strips, or all three - as long as they are powered by electricity. A radio signal is activated during the few times that we experience a high demand for power. Those times would be during extreme heat (in the high 90's) or extreme cold (less than 28 degrees Fahrenheit). Ultimately, this brief interruption should not be noticed by the user and reduces your power usage, which lowers your bill. This means you will receive credits back on your bill! That's a double savings!

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1. What is Load Management?
2. When and how long is the Load Management Interruption?
3. Will I feel a difference in my heating / cooling or water temperature using Load Management?
4. Who do I call if I think there may be a problem with my Load Management Device?