When should I call to report an outage?

When someone calls to ask how long it will take to get power back on, the honest answer may be, "We don't know yet." During severe weather, an increase in phone call volume can divert important resources, so we encourage you to give our crews time to respond to an outage before you report it to our Operations Center at 919-553-1530 because they most likely already know about it. In severe emergencies, the Town of Clayton will open up its Emergency Operations Center at Fire Station 1, where our network of police, fire, utility and streets crews gather information about conditions throughout Town and dispatch crews quickly and efficiently. Our local Clayton Public Power team is always ready and can also call on our network of Public Power cities across North Carolina if we need even more back-up.

Our all-hours number for Town of Clayton Power Emergencies is 919-553-1530. You can talk to a real person about your outage or downed lines.

If you have Duke Energy Progress power, they have an automated call line: 800-419-6356.

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1. When should I call to report an outage?
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