Who do I call if someone is selling door-to-door without a permit?

If you want to report a solicitor call 911. Anyone selling or peddling products door-to-door must obtain aPeddler, Solicitor, or Transiet Vendor Cover Image $50 permit. Not only that, they must provide valid IDs and go through a criminal background check. No one with any felony convictions, sex offenses, drug or fraud charges in the last 10 years will be allowed to get a permit. And even if someone is approved for a permit, it's only good for 30 days and must be renewed for another $25.

The picture to the right is the ID issued by the Town of Clayton Police Department. If the person at your door does not display an ID like this one - they do not have the required permit to sell in the Town of Clayton. The police have also begun to add the expiration date to this ID badge so be sure to check for that.

You may also request to see the actual permit. The sales person is required to have it with them. Some people have reported that sales people are displaying letters that claim to exempt them from our permit process. The Town of Clayton Police Department nor the Town issue any such type of exemption letters.

No one can solicit at homes before 9 am or after 8 pm.

If someone knocks on your door selling something, you can ask to see their identification badge and permit issued by the Clayton Police Department. If they refuse to show their badge or become aggressive, threatening or intimidating, close your door and call 911. Keep any printed information the salesperson may have given you and write down a description of the person, their vehicle or where they were headed.

Wondering if your girl scout or boy scout now will need to get a permit to sell their cookies or popcorn?  They don't. Town Council made an exception for anyone operating for educational, religious, charitable or non-profit purposes.

You can check out the ordinance by clicking here.

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